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Sweet Summer Cocktails

Photo by Mariamichelle on pixabay.com

August 12, 2018
As a health and wellness columnist and the host of the new TV show “Welcome to Wellness,” many clients often ask me for low-calorie alcoholic alternatives to the high calorie sugar and syrup laden adult beverages commonly served in the summer. Here are some substitues for classic summertime favorites, all of which are delicious with or without alcohol.


A cool refreshing Mojito, can be the perfect beverage at a summer event, however a standard ingredient in many mojitos is sugar. At its baseline (that’s without all the sugary flavors you can get at restaurants) it’s about 200 calories. A typical mojito contains rum, mint sprigs, fresh lime juice, sugar, club soda and lime.
Option 1: To make a lower-calorie mojito, subsitute 1 teaspoon agave nectar instead of sugar. Combine with 1 oz. of light rum, some fresh lime juice and fresh mint leaves.
Option 2: Use gently crushed watermelon cubes in place of the sugar for a refreshing, colorful substitute.


A typical daquiri not only contains natural sugars from strawberries, but has added sugar as well. Many include berries frozen in syrup and come in at around 255 calories per serving. Typically they include frozen berries, white sugar, lemon-lime soda, and rum.
If a daiquiri is your desire, simply substituting one tsp. Stevia for sugar can go a long way. Make sure you use fresh berries, or ones that are flash frozen without addititives. A daquiri blended with berries, Stevia, real lemon-lime juice, and light rum can come in at 60 calories.

Vodka Soda

This low-calorie classic doesn’t top more than 80 calories to begin with and with a few fresh ingredients, you can add flavor without sacrificing your waistline.
Option 1: Ginger vodka, lime seltzer and a lime wedge
Option 2: Vanilla Vodka, black cherry seltzer, and a mint sprig

If alcohol is not something you desire, simply combine a lime seltzer with the juice of of 4 to 5 lemons or limes, some fresh mint, and sliced strawberries and ice for a cool and colorful treat

As I always say, when you start eating well and feeling great, you want to continue to choose wisely for the rest of your life. This is especially true for those hidden high calorie frozen delights.

Moderation is key for your waistline, as well as a healthier summer!

Article in Westchester Wellness Magazine (pg 25)

Sweet Summer Cocktails Article


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