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Sweet Summer Cocktails


August 12, 2018
As a health and wellness columnist and the host of the new TV show “Welcome to Wellness,” many clients often ask me for low-calorie alcoholic alternatives to the high calorie sugar and syrup laden adult beverages commonly served in the summer. Here are some substitues for classic summertime favorites, all of which are delicious with or without alcohol.

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Diet soda does more harm than good!

Diet Soda

July 19, 2018
A man recently came in to see me at my office. He was physically fit, lean, muscular, and in his mid-forties. He was conscious of every ounce of food and drink he consumed. He worked out in a gym 4-5 times a week, including weight training and running five miles a day. Along with this conscientious regime he devoured books on how he could achieve optimal physical fitness. It was obvious to me how important his health and well-being was to him. However, he said, “I don’t feel I am the best I can be. I still have aches, pains. I wake up every morning exhausted.”

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Listen to Your Thyroid

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

June 20, 2018
Now that summer is here, many of my clients have come to me with a similar concern. How do I fit in a bathing suit?! I have gained so much weight! Panic sets in! I need something for those glorious summer barbecues or on lazy days sunning at the beach.

Sometimes our weight problems aren’t just because we binged on junk food. Sometimes we gain weight from other causes. Medications, hormone imbalances, menopause, and thyroid problems can also cause weight gain.

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A Mother and Daughter’s Weight Loss


May 10, 2018
When living on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, a mother and her daughter had a healthy lifestyle. Early each morning they would stroll down to the market and the fishing pier to pick out the day’s menu. Their daily diet consisted of natural foods. Fish, fresh from the sea. From the market, an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, a wide variety of olives and extra virgin olive oil, and a large variety of fresh spices to enhance the flavor of their food. They made their own bread with whole grains and other natural ingredients.

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Beware of Bear, Rich Food and Gout


April 26, 2018
I have been in practice as a Clinical Nutritionist for over 20 years. During that time, I have seen some interesting cases. One such case was a man in his early 50s who came to see me complaining of several health problems. He was overworked, overtired, and had little energy. His doctor had referred him to me because along with his lack of energy, he was 40 pounds overweight, had high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and high blood pressure. More importantly, he was in constant pain in his joints, particularly in his big toe. He had gout.

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Beware of Storms


March 21, 2018
The challenges created by the recent nor’easters triggered unhealthy food cravings. The lack of power, light, heat, running water, and other basic necessities caused anxiety, irritability, restlessness, and sometimes depression. This worsened as the blackout stretched from a couple of days to 6, or 10, or more! Lack of refrigeration spoiled meats and vegetables. Without power, we couldn’t cook, or even reheat food. Preparing nutritious food was extremely difficult. It was much easier to just eat junk food. Our intentions to eat healthy went out the window.

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A Sensible Solution to Better Nutrition in the New Year

New Years

January 11, 2018
Okay! The holidays have come and gone; time to get serious! Many people have had a continuous binge of food and drink including rich appetizers, home cooked food, and delectable desserts, for a month or more. How do you get serious after being bombarded by temptations? It can be quite a challenge! From my own experience, (of over twenty-one years practicing as a clinical nutritionist), having the initiative to take the first step is the beginning of a successful plan.

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Keeping Vegetarian Families Well Fed


These days, more children and teens are saying no to meat, either for environmental or ethical reasons. This can leave parents wondering how to ensure that their children receive a balanced and healthy diet. Whether preparing vegetarian meals once a week or every day, knowing how to properly combine foods for adequate nutrition can benefit the entire family.

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