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Medical Nutrition Therapy Nutrigenetics Weight Loss Grieving Addiction Recovery Welcome to Wellness Testimonials Blog About Contact us Dedication
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I understand


I understand grief. I live it every day. I lost my beloved daughter 19 years of age, 7 years ago.
Traumatic times can be difficult. It's not easy to put one foot in front of the other, let alone make a nutritious meal. It can be difficult to select, shop and prepare food. It can be difficult to find the energy to eat, let alone prepare something healthy.

You are not alone

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I’m here to help you care. To help you heal. There are different stages of grief, and everyone deals with it differently. So where do we start? A proper diet of specific foods will help.

How I can help


I combined my experience dealing with my own grief, with my expertise in nutrition. I created Five Little Steps to help you better cope with your grief. This includes a variety of different meal plans for those who are experiencing grief.

Let me help you take the first little step.

Call right now to schedule your


Five Little Steps.

One step, one moment at a time.
To help you make healing a priority.

  1. Just wanting to make a start
    To want to heal, to want to care, to want to get up, dress up, show up and not give up.
    One of the characteristics of grief is the loss of interest in shopping, preparing, cooking, and eating nutritious food.
    I will listen. I understand. I can help.
    Grief can also cause the opposite, overeating.
    Learning to eat the proper foods and making healthy eating a priority, is a step towards dealing with grief.

  2. Finding energy
    In any stage of grief, energy is key to finding strength. Choosing the right foods creates energy and the desire to care.

  3. Sustaining energy
    Once you feel better, specific foods eaten at the right time, in the right combination, will help you sustain energy. When you feel less drained and have more energy, you will want to continue making eating healthy a priority.

  4. Physical activity
    I encourage people in all stages of grief to find some kind of activity or physical exercise. You should consult with your physician before starting any exercise or diet program.

  5. Five powerful foods for life
    There are five powerful foods that can help keep your energy going.

After the five steps:

As we experience grief we have a tendency to overeat and select empty calories with no nutritional benefit. Overeating can cause excess weight and fatigue, and may lead to depression. Proper nutrition can help to correct these challenges.

The 21-day weight loss solution.
Following this 21-day weight loss plan I will give you vital information to lose weight, improve your ability to focus, and help give you motivated to heal.

Grief support groups

Grief Recovery after Substance Passing
The Compassionate Friends (for those who have lost a child)


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