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Medical Nutrition Therapy Nutrigenetics Weight Loss Grieving Addiction Recovery Welcome to Wellness Testimonials Blog About Contact us Dedication
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"Linda is an expert in preparing menus for complicated dietary cases. If you have digestive issues, diabetes, Crohns, sugar cravings, and on and on, Linda can help tailor an easy to follow menu providing meals that will heal your body and reduce your issues. She chooses food solutions over medication and is brilliant. I highly recommend a consultation."
- Stacy Hendrie

"Linda Longergan is pure genius and unbelievably passionate about helping people easily understand the complexities of nutritional science!!! Enthusiastically recommend!!! Count yourself extremely lucky to be in the same room with her!!!"
- Nancy Marrone

"Linda is a compassionate individual with extensive knowledge of nutrition. Whether you are looking to change you diet or your have a medical issue, Linda is the one to call."
- Carolyn Josephs

"I have known Linda Lonergan for 10 years. She is top in her field. Regular on tv as well as a published author. She is kind and compassionate and always ready to help children with any nutritional concerns She can design any nutritional plan to HELP Children (Learning Disabilities ADD, ADHD,DIABETES and ALLERGIES)"
- Dianna Cardillo

"Linda is a compassionate nutritionist who has 21 years of experience helping others heal and get and amazing quality of life. She combines her knowledge of nutrition and science to make an individual health plan. Linda has helped many of her patients lose weight for better health, and help them to heal by getting off medication that they no longer needed because if her extraordinary practice. Personally Linda has been my nutritionist and guided me on how to eat and what to eat for my overall state of well being. I HIGHLY recommend her to friends, family, and people!"
- Gina Trongone

"I have worked with Linda and found her both knowledgeable and informative with nutrition as well as other things we talked about. She helped me with knowing what to eat and foods to avoid to help me to lose weight as well as just to be a healthier me. I highly recommend her!"
- Tina Carrasquillo

"I have worked with Linda and have found her to be both knowledgeable and great person in her field. Being diagnosed with ADHD late in life Linda had help me put together a plan that works both nutritional and organizational. I have found Linda to be a great person and I consider her an amazing friend. If you need to lose weight or you have issues physically or mentally she is the person you need to schedule time with."
- Andrea Parente Milioti

"I have been working with Linda Lonergan for fifteen years. The first year I saw amazing results which carried me through many years to come. Her support and encouragement is amazing. Because of her I know exactly what I should eat and what and why I should stay away from certain foods. I have always been pleased with my results.
I can honestly say I have recommended her to both friends and colleagues and would go to her over any other nutritionist or weight management place/person."
- Lona Greenhouse

"Linda is an fabulous nutritionist who really knows her stuff! If you follow the individualized program you will find the results amazing. I was shocked to find that I should not eat carbs before 3:00 PM due to the way my body processes different foods.
If you need help on your journey to a happier and healthier life, give Linda a call. You will be delighted by her ability to get you on track and guide you through your journey."
- Kathleen Fiorini Nocera

"I started seeing Linda over a year ago. I wanted to lose 15 pounds. She helped me lose 20. More importantly, after two years, I haven't gained any weight back! I didn't have to make drastic changes to my diet, just moderated how much I ate of certain foods. She is very caring, and is a great listener."
- Eric Kent

"Good insight on shelf stable desk snacks. As someone who's allergic to nuts, it's difficult to find healthy food to keep in my desk. Thank you so much for the alternative suggestions!"
- Tom J Cameron

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