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Weight Loss


You know that being overweight is bad for your health. You have tried to lose weight, but may have only had short term success, before regaining all that you lost. It is frustrating. It can be overwhelming and depressing.

Our culture has a very real stigma against those overweight. 94% of teenage girls have been body-shamed. A negative body image can cause lasting mental and physical harm. 50% of women “use unhealthy behaviors to control their weight.” This can be self-defeating.

Relying on fad diets to lose weight doesn’t help. They are restrictive and not sustainable. When you stop, you may add more weight than you originally lost. The rollercoaster of repeatedly losing and regaining weight may be less healthy than being moderately overweight. A healthy diet will be more sustainable for the long term, and you will feel better about your body.

Exercise alone doesn’t work. Exercise is excellent for the health of your mind and body. However, “exercise alone is almost useless for weight loss.”

Stopping overeating and eating more unprocessed foods, as part of a healthy diet, will keep your weight for the long term. Instead of starving the weight off, creating a healthy fat metabolism will turn up the body’s own fat thermostat. This is essential for permanent results.

I can help


First, I listen to you. Each person has unique individual nutritional needs. I look at your current diet, level of physical activity and overall health. I look at your blood work results to assess your metabolism. We discuss what foods you enjoy, and what you don’t like. I then work with you to create a personalized meal plan designed specifically for your needs. An easy to follow plan you can live with and stick to. No medications, vitamins, shakes, or meal replacements. Just real unprocessed whole food. A plan that will lead to gradual, healthy, long term weight loss.

When you have a healthy diet, you will feel better, both physically and mentally. It will stop hunger and cravings and increase your energy. You will have the motivation to keep your new, healthy lifestyle. Once you feel better, and look better, eating healthy is something you will want to do for the rest of your life.

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